New Haven Chapter of the Connecticut Music Teachers Association

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Calendar of Events

2020 - 2021 Newsletter - Important Dates!

Taped Audition: Registration due – February 6, Winners Recital - February 21
Select Students Piano Competition By Video recorded Auditions
Deadline for Submission of Recordings February 6 , 2021
Videotapes will be placed online and open for public by February 21.
The New Haven Chapter CSMTA is organizing a Select Students Open Competition (by video recorded  auditions.)
Students entered should be of honors caliber.
• Age 10- 13 performances may be a maximum of 5 minutes.  
• Age 14- 18 performances may be a maximum of 7 minutes.  Only one selection or sonata movement may be presented, eliminate repeats, especially in sonatinas and sonatas.  
 As in any competition, judging is subjective and the decisions of the judges are final.  
 Each winner will receive a $10 E-Gift Card and videotape will be placed online and open for public. The top 15+ files will be considered “winners”.  Winners will not be categorized by 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, etc.  The CSMTA reserves the right to publish winners’ names, and/or teacher’s name in the newspaper.  
 1. Students entered should be of honors caliber.  No elementary and early intermediate level pieces.
2. Entrants must have studied with their teacher for at least 3 months prior to the competition. 
 3. Students must be age 10-18.

 1. All entries must be received by February 6 (no exceptions), allow plenty of time for mail.
2. Registration form must be completely filled out and signed by the parent, signed by the teacher and submitted by the teacher in one package.  
3. The $15.00 fee ($30 fee for non-member of the CSMTA  (New Haven Chapter) must accompany the registration form, check payable to CSMTA, New Haven Chapter.
1. Music must be performed in its original composition, arrangements not accepted. Music must be memorized.
2.The contestant’s face and hands must be seen at all times. Students have to announce their names, title of the piece and composer before playing.
3. Time performances with a stopwatch.  Recordings submitted with inaccurate timing or no timing may be disqualified.
4. The teacher should listen to the recording before it is submitted.  

1. Judges are experts in this field of music.
2. Decisions of the judges will be final.
3. All comments or questions should be posed to the monitor.
 Please make all suggestions and/or complaints in writing addressed to the current New Haven Chapter President. All letters will be forwarded to the chairman of the next annual competition. 
2021 Application Form:
Make copies of this application form if you need to, for each student:
Send this form, and $15.00 fee ($30 non-member of the CSMTA  (New Haven Chapter) to Yelena Gerovich, 14 Timber Ln, Woodbridge, CT 06525--- by no later than February 6, 2021. Teachers should collect the fee from their students and mail ONE check (payable to New Haven Chapter, CSMTA" (non-refundable.)
 Videos may be sent via:
You have 2 options to send Videos:
1) Send Dropbox or Google Drive link to
2) Send the recordings directly to
It must be a downloadable format.
Share storage file link___________________ 
Parent Signature____________________________________________ 
Teacher Name_______________                     Teacher Phone and email
Teacher Signature____________________________________________ 
 (Parents by signing above you grant a permission to Music Teachers Association to use your video for public view)

If you have any questions or concerns please contact:

Beethoven Online Festival 2020
New Haven Chapter, CSMTA

In celebration of Beethoven’s 250th birthday in the year 2020, the New Haven Chapter invites our teachers to participate in the online Beethoven festival in November.
Festival is open to young pianists, ages 6 - 18, who are residents of CT.
Free for New Haven Chapter members, $20 for nonmembers.
Registration postmark deadline: November 22, 2020  (see links to registration forms below)

Program Description
Purpose: Beethoven Festival is offered in order to stimulate young local musicians to expand their Beethoven repertoire and to strive toward excellence through this non-competitive event.
Performance Time Limit:
Elementary and Intermediate Level -5 MINUTES
Advanced Level - 8 MINUTES
Video recordings must be unedited. The contestant’s face and hands must be seen at all times. Students have to announce their first and last name, composer and composition title before playing.

account),‎ (these 2 are free of charge). Add your tape file to the storage, and share the file link.
Send the recordings links info by email to:

Please click on the links below to open the application forms:
Only original Beethoven compositions will be accepted. No transcriptions or arrangements will be allowed. Music must be performed from memory.

Only Beethoven compositions will be accepted. Transcriptions and arrangements will be allowed. Music does not have to be memorized.

All students will be awarded for participation in Beethoven Festival. All videotapes will be placed online and available to the public by December 5, 2020

Make copies of this application form if you need to, for each student:
Send this form to Adele Huffman, 156 Talcott Road, Guilford, CT 06437 by no later than November 22, 2020 or email to

The ONLY option to submit your videotape to the Festival is to use an online file storage such as Meet Google Drive (especially if you already have a Google/Gmail